Review – Corrine Williams

“McCoy is funny, he’s smart, he’s articulate. The book is real eye opener, though surely not beyond a little artistic license. If he is the real deal, which no one is going to dispute he lived a unique life. I am hooked and cannot wait to read the...

Review – Susan Forgie

“This is a hilarious, mind-boggling, fascinating, as memoirs go. His life was colourful which made me want to know more. Highly recommended, whether you particularly care about his subject matter cocaine or not.”


“McCoy deliciously blends the intensity of a life on the edge with comedic respite that shows the frivolous nature of being in such a precarious situation. A fascinating insight into the mechanics of a subculture that came to define latin America in the late...

Review – Gina DiPiero

“Reading Simon McCoy’s memoir was like being transported from my living room to a world of adventure, danger, and just the right amount of debauchery. I recommend it for anyone looking to escape the ho-hum.”