My name is Simon McCoy, I am the author of the To Live Outside The Law series of books that recount my real life adventures as an outlaw. If adventure and daring are your thing. If there is still a little bit of the rebel in you. You are going to love sharing these stories with me.

Simon McCoy smuggled Cocaine longer than Pablo Escobar. Moving serious amounts of the World’s purest Cocaine across six continents and twenty-six countries. An outlaw, not a criminal, he never handled a gun nor dealt with those who did.

He walked cocaine across frontiers, flew it business class, sailed it by passenger cargo ship and carried it by bus, train, car, and even bicycle. Simon broke the law and escaped detection. When that failed, he fought and won his freedom.

He saw his cash pile metres high, and he watched as press in Rio named him Brazil’s most intelligent smuggler all while staring down a sentence of twenty years in Tacambu, one of the World’s toughest jails.

From five-star hotels and penthouses in Europe, Monaco, the Caribbean and South Pacific, to jungle kitchens in South America, Rondavels in Africa and Favelas in Brazil, this is the irreverent, funny, and often scary series of what it takes to live outside the law.

If adventure and daring are your things: If you like to laugh, and there is still a little bit of the rebel in you. You are going to love sharing these stories with me. Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

About the Series: The Illimani Chronicles

The Illimani chronicles are the first four books in the “To Live Outside the Law” series. Set in mid-eighties Bolivia and Holland, they cover three years of Simon McCoy’s four decades of rebellion against prohibition. He and his partners develop a ‘fool proof’ method of moving cocaine from La Paz, source of the world’s best cocaine into an eager European market.

This is no ordinary gangster’s tale of thuggery and greed. Simon and his crew valued the craic as much as the money. Packed with thrilling experiences, heart-pounding escapes, and enough adrenaline to power a small town. These stories will put you in the driving seat without the jeopardy.

Book 1: Finding Peace

Finding Peace,” is the first book of the “Illimani Chronicles.”

Determined to pick himself up after a disastrous year smuggling cocaine out of Brazil. Simon’s broke and in debt. So he gambles everything on a solo trip to La Paz Bolivia, cocaine’s capital city.

Release Date: 26th Jan 2024

Book 2: Finding My Mojo

Finding my Mojo,” is the second book of the “Illimani Chronicles”

After blundering around in the dark for a couple of years, relying on luck, Simon discovers the Philosopher’s Stone of cocaine smuggling and proves it works.

Release Date: 21st July 2022

Book 3: Finding Eldorado

Finding Eldorado,” is the third book of the “Illimani Chronicles.”

After perfecting their “foolproof” smuggling process, the boys are enjoying their Eldorado moment. The snow mountains of Bolivia continue to produce mounds of cash in Europe.

Coming Soon!

Release Date: Coming Soon

Book 4: Being Found Out

Being Found Out” concludes the “Illimani Chronicles”.

Having lost a courier at Schiphol, the boys who’d agreed to stop if they ever lost someone, find it’s not that easy. Without being able to move material out of La Paz, the money tree is dying.

Coming Soon!

Release Date: Coming Soon
Simon McCoy Author
About the Author

Simon McCoy was born in Lambeth, the heart of London’s east end. He became an Essex boy before the Essex girl was invented. Simon joined the merchant navy after being expelled from grammar school at fifteen. Then he jumped ship at seventeen in New Orleans, hitchhiking across hippy America in the early seventies, the original gap year.

Married at nineteen, he got a mortgage, settled down and built a small group of companies in his twenties. The recession of the eighties unsettled him, and he decided the game was rigged.

Simon spent most of the next four decades making up for lost time, having great adventures making and losing obscene amounts of money and searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Married twice with two children, he’s an ordinary bloke who’s led an extraordinary life. They say it’s the victors that write the history. The ‘Live Outside the Law’ series is his way to buck the trend. A practising Buddhist, Simon now lives in the tropics.


“McCoy is funny, he’s smart, he’s articulate. The book is real eye opener, though surely not beyond a little artistic license. If he is the real deal, which no one is going to dispute he lived a unique life. I am hooked and cannot wait to read the next book.”

Corrine Williams

“This is a hilarious, mind-boggling, fascinating, as memoirs go. His life was colourful which made me want to know more. Highly recommended, whether you particularly care about his subject matter cocaine or not.”

Susan Forgie

“McCoy deliciously blends the intensity of a life on the edge with comedic respite that shows the frivolous nature of being in such a precarious situation. A fascinating insight into the mechanics of a subculture that came to define latin America in the late 20th century.”


“Reading Simon McCoy’s memoir was like being transported from my living room to a world of adventure, danger, and just the right amount of debauchery. I recommend it for anyone looking to escape the ho-hum.”

Gina DiPiero