About the Book
“Finding Eldorado,” is the third book of the “Illimani Chronicles.”

El Dorado, fabled city, paved in gold from bottomless mines.

Thousands of Spaniards scoured the jungles, plains and peaks of South America to find it. Natives direct them to “our neighbor’s land, the one you seek,” eager to be rid of these rude invaders, many of whom perish in the search.

After perfecting their “foolproof” smuggling process, the boys are enjoying their Eldorado moment. The snow mountains of Bolivia continue to produce mounds of cash in Europe.

Commuting between Bolivia’s high plains, Rio de Janeiro’s beaches and Holland’s underworld. With many couriers and friends visiting, life is just one long party.

Meantime, the knitwear company is progressively taking up more time. Rudi, their supplier, has gone missing. In Holland, the constant supply of high-quality cocaine has alerted the forces of law and disorder. Steve’s erratic behaviour and a drunk driving offence brings his head above the radar. While Simon’s still embroiled in a love tangle and continues to add knots. Helen has news for Simon, but she won’t share it over the phone.

Will the boys beat the curse of Eldorado?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” Charles Dickens a Tale of Two Cities.

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